the0ry (ep1phanydotnet) wrote,

Life goes on...

If you missed my radio show on Sunday, you missed a great show. In memory of what is hopefully the last hurricane we'll get in Florida this year, I had a hurricane party, including a full 3-hour block of songs relating to hurricanes, storms, weather, rain, lightning...I'm gonna start doing more themed shows like that, I got some good feedback and got quite a lot of listeners. Make sure you tune in every Sunday from 5-8pm ET to hear me on the air!

I updated my layout here some...didn't feel like totally redoing the site, but Chris just doesn't have any time anymore for the site, so its basically just me now. Hope that's enough for all of ya :). I changed the image to another that Gainesville Mike took when we were in St. Augustine and left this one in color. I'm thinking I might re-do some of the content sometime soon too, but I'm not inclined to actually re-do the layout. I don't have any good ideas for one anyway, so its gonna stay this way for a while. Part of the new layout is the revolving button thingie down at the bottom. If you want yours there, e-mail me your button and then go to the link ep1phany page and take a button and put it up on your site. I'm all for spreadin the love, as long as you return the favor ;)

My dad and brother are headed up to Gainesville thursday night to spend the weekend with me. We have tickets to the Florida-Arkansas game...2nd row on the 50 yard line...and we'll spend some other much-needed bonding time together. I'm really looking forward to it; should be a great time.

So lately I've been making a lot of plans for the next year, pertaining to Spring Break 05, my graduation in April, and then grad school. For spring break, I have a few options. I'll have a surplus of about $1200 from my financial aid next semester since I'll be taking fewer classes and buying fewer books, so I have money available for a trip. One of my professors is offering a trip to Berlin that week, which would fulfill my craving to go out of the country. I could also use that money to go on another spring break adventure like I did with the guys last year when we hit Panama City. Or, I could use that money to buy a laptop, which is something I wish I had now and can definitely use later on in grad school. Choices, choices, choices.

In regards to my graduation, I have a few things left to do. My major is secure, as all of my requirements will be fulfilled with the completion of this current semester. My international relations certificate will be complete when I take my final two INR classes in the spring. I just got approval for my history minor today and I'll have all of those classes completed this semester. I still have to take the SAT II for Spanish. My hope is to take that, get atleast a 430 and test out of having to take Spanish II next semester. If I don't reach that score, I'll have to struggle through that class next semester (its been 5 years since I took Spanish I), but atleast I can take that class as an S/U class, rather than having to earn a grade. Other than that, I have to take the GRE in January to apply for grad school. The deadline for the political science graduate program at UF is in March 05. I'm obviously going to apply to start my masters in Aug 05, and I'm considering applying to a few other schools around the state, as well as some around Washington DC. Right now, I'm considering UCF and FAU for in-state, and in the Washington area, I'm going to apply at Virginia, Georgetown and George Washington U. So it's going to be a busy few months, in addition to my normal school load, making plans for grad school. It's so exciting though, realizing I'm less than a year away from finally graduating. I thought it would never come.

Much love to Lori, Jennifer, Steph, Kristina, Heather, Angel, Krystal, Laura, Spiff, Leslie, Kirsty, Beth, Sheila, Kari, Daniel and Meagan for all of your well-wishes relating to Hurricane Jeanne and everything involving my grandmother's funeral. Life goes on, ya know?
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