the0ry (ep1phanydotnet) wrote,

Bonding time with Dad and brother...

What a long, but fun weekend. My dad and brother came up to Gainesville on Thursday night. We went out to dinner that night, caught up on family news, and watched the Presidential Debate together. Friday I went to class and when I got done, we went furniture shopping. My dad bought me a really nice couch with a fold-out bed for visitors. Its really comfortable (both as a bed and a couch) and its going to be delivered on Thursday. Say goodbye to the futon! LOL We went out to dinner again, then did some shopping at Borders. I picked up some graduate school books so I can start researching masters' programs, and I also got a copy of the 9/11 Commission Report. I doubt I'll get a chance to read it this year, but hopefully next year I'll get a chance to do some recreational reading. We then hit the movie theater and saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. My rating? eh. Nothing that great.

Today, we all went to the Gators-Razorbacks game. This was their first exposure to a major college football game. They enjoyed it a lot, despire the huge crowd and blazing mid-day heat. It was a pretty exciting game, starting with the Gators blowing Arkansas out, then a pretty decent comeback, ending with a 45-30 Gators win. Then we came home and I cooked them a pretty big dinner...chicken parm...ended up delicious :) and now we're all stuffed and lazy LOL. They're going home tomorrow after breakfast, but its been quite a great weekend.

So for a lot of the weekend, my dad and I discussed my options for grad school. Ultimately, it would be best for me to stay at UF, since going out of state would require having to pay higher tuition rates, since I won't have residency anywhere else. Plus I'm building a good repoire with the political science professors here, so that will be handy as I get along in school. So, I've started the application for the political science masters program here at UF. Aside from just filling out the app, I need to get three letters of recommendation from professors, need to get atleast 1000 (preferably higher) on the GRE and I need to write a 3-5 page essay stating my educational and professional goals. All of that is due sometime in March, but I don't want to wait until the deadline, so I'll be getting started on all of that stuff soon. Blah. So much crap to do the next few months.

Much love to Krystal, Stephanie, Angela, Kimm, Angel and Caleb for commenting. I've had an exhausting few days, time to sleep...ciao!
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