the0ry (ep1phanydotnet) wrote,

The nation has spoken...

It's unfortunate that the ignorant outnumber the intelligents in our society. And before any of you "conservatives" start bashing me, let me have my piece. You have your fucking government. Don't pretend that you can steal my freedom to speak. You've already tried to steal our freedom to privacy and have plans to steal our freedom to make choices on what we do to our bodies. Sit and fucking read.

The election was won fair and square. I'll never debate that. I won't debate that the DNC did not do the best job at running Kerry's campaign. I won't debate that Kerry wasn't the answer to all of our problems. I won't even debate that there wasn't always a clear deliniation between Bush and Kerry on certain important issues. I will debate the following though.

con·ser·va·tive (kn-sûrv-tv) (adj.) Favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change.
Traditional or restrained in style. Moderate; cautious.

conservativism (n.) : a political or theological orientation advocating the preservation of the best in society and opposing radical changes

Considering a majority of the people who call themselves "conservative" do not practice what they preach (figuratively and literally), it is a sham that they even call tag themselves with such a term. They preach the importance of God and religion in life, yet most of them don't even attend church regularly, and those who do don't follow the sanctity of their religion. It's no coincidence that pre-marital sex, teen abortions, underage drinking, felony convinctions, incest, and adultery spike in all areas of the demographic classified as "conservative." It's also no coincidence that a majority of the politicians nationally who have been impeached or who have resigned from office over the last twenty years for offenses such as adultery, perjury and financial scandals were "conservatives."

I'm not bashing Bush. He won fair and square. I am not even bashing the voter group as a whole who voted for him. In my efforts to promote the progressive ideal this election year, my major focus was on education. People should make educated votes and know who they support and why they support them.

I am, however, bashing the fake "conservatives." You know who you are. Conservatives don't wear too much eyeliner, dress like whores and contemplate getting fake tits. Conservatives don't preach that their basis for voting for Bush is based on his consistency of moral values and judgment, yet those individuals themselves don't echo that consistency. Conservatives don't pretend to support the interests of the poor, uneducated and indigent when they know their bankrolls come from the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

Conservatives wouldn't take advantage of the ignorance of America to the actual agenda of their party by using religious "moralistic" values as a backbone to mobilize a voter base that simply lives under the false notion that this "conservative" party really is based on morals, while they line their pockets with tax cuts and business contracts and small-town America loses their jobs, pumps out more ignorant children because of poor education requirements and resources, and fosters the growth of minimum wage jobs while higher level jobs get outsourced internationally and corporations get tax breaks for those outsourcings.

Or would they?

It's bad enough we have a President who has already been deceitful. It's even worse to know that the majority of voters who re-elected him don't even live by the values that they supposedly support in their candidate.

Moral of this discussion - if you're going to preach conservativism, be conservative. Otherwise, you can hold it on your conscience that you've contributed to the degradation of this nation over the next four years on a false notion that the people you've voted for actually are conservative. Then again, what makes them any different from you?
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