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Since I seem to have upset a few "conservatives," I have chosen to rebutt their accusations and statements. And unlike them, I will accurately quote them.

First, Shymyr, in regards to your IM...

"i don't care if you think i'm a whore, a nigger, or (god-forbid) a "false conservative"..."

If you can find one mention of race in my last post, please do show me. The fact that you need to introduce such a word, or even throw the race card into this discussion, tells me you have a lot more soul-searching to do than just to identify yourself politically. I am glad to hear that you stand for what you feel is right. However, what you feel is right and what the party that you identify with feels is right are two different things, and I can say that without even knowing you. The point is, the ideals that the Republican Party truly represents are FAR different than what most Republican's represent as individuals. If every person who voted Republican this week was represented truly by their party, then 51% of the voters would be multi-millionaire business owners, 99% of them would be white and they would all be evangelical christians. Considering this is not true, your party does not truly represent you.

Oh, and FYI...slander is spoken word...libel is written word. If you're going to accuse me of one or the other, atleast know which one is which.

Next, Meryl, in regards to your rebuttal...

"I dont write your party off as a group of money taking, tax raising, socializing profiters"

The difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Democrats don't shy away from their principles when they get out in the open to discuss political agendas. I am proud to be a "money-taking, tax-raising, socializing profiter." Democrats are responsible for each and every piece of economic legislation in the 20th century that kept our nation moving forward. If it were not for Roosevelt's New Deal, Johnson's Great Society, and Clinton's economic liberalism, our country never would have recovered from our past depressions and recessions that in many cases were created by negligent Republican economic policies. Programs that you take for granted (social security, medicare, medicaid) and will expect when you are your grandparents' age are there thanks to "money taking, tax raising, socializing profiters." The poor, rural Republicans who are left behind by their party, but vote Republican because they appear on the outside to represent their religious and moral values, survive off of the welfare and public assistance programs that were created by "money taking, tax raising, socializing profiters." The Bright Futures Scholarships that so many UF students live off of to have a quality college education, as well as the federal student loan and grant programs that the rest of us depend on, were inplemented by "money taking, tax raising, socializing profiters." The fact is, the aspects of our lives that we take for granted and that keep us a prosperous nation are thanks to Liberal Democrats.

Republicans preach limited government and limited spending. All Bush has done the last four years is balloon the deficit and increase the size of the bureaucracy. Don't blame it all on the war, because the war is only a small percentage of the budget spending over that time. Republicans preach limited government intervention in day-to-day life, yet they feel they have the right to intervene in your personal choice as a woman to do what you feel is right with your body. Republicans claim to support the working man, yet they create tax codes with loopholes that give them tax credits for outsourcing jobs to other countries and leaving working-class Americans jobless. Republicans pride themselves in preserving the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, yet they strip us of our right to privacy that has become precedent in rule of law, as well as eroding the fourth amendment and the prevention of illegal search and seizure. They also loaded up the circuit and appeals courts with ultra-conservative judges who feel that civil rights laws are unnecessary, and plan to introduce the same type of people to the Supreme Court so that the Civil Rights Act of 1963, as well as Roe v. Wade, are repealed. I fear the day that African-Americans are forced to pay poll taxes to vote, and the day that a woman who is raped or a victim of incest is forced to bring that child into the world. But its all in the name of safety and protection. If our Constitutional rights have to be eroded to keep us safe, I'll live in a less-safe world, thank you very much. If I wanted my rights eroded, I'd move to Russia.

I received an e-mail from my dad today. For those of you who have never had the privilege of meeting him, my father has a doctorate in history and teaches both history and political science. He has 30 years of college teaching experience, has published a book and many journal reviews, speaks frequently about political issues in front of large audiences in South Florida, and is highly respected for his knowledge in the academic world and while he is a proud liberal, is educated enough to understand the entire political spectrum and make objective statements outside of his partisan views. This is the text of his e-mail.

Needless to say, I am very disappointed about the election. It is obvious to me that we will be in Iraq and losing thousands of men and women over the next four and more years, fighting a nationalistic insurgency that will not disappear or be overcome even with heavy loss of life. At home, our environment will be more damaged than under Reagan; the Supreme Court will likely be more reactionary than at any time since the 1920s and early 1930s, labor rights will be curbed and workers will be more exploited than at any time since the 1930s, civil liberties will be curbed further, our standing in the world will further decline as we will be seen as the major threat to world peace, new abuses toward prisoners of war will be revealed, health care will continue to be unavailable for 45-50 million Americans, education will continue to decline, the power of evangelistic Christianity will continue to grow and promote intolerance and narrowmindedness toward minorities and gays, the tax system will continue to give benefits to the wealthy at the expense of the middle class and the poor, evidence of corruption in the Bush Administration will be revealed but Congress will do little about it, and Congress will be the most right wing since 1948, including such characters as newly elected Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma and sitting senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania who plans to run for President in 2008 on a platform of Morality. God please help the United States to survive the next four years!

You can dispute my knowledge on the subject of politics, but his, you can not. The fact is, we are in trouble, and I challenge everyone who I know right now, to come back to me four years from now and tell me that we as a nation are in a better position than we are now, and as we were in 2000. I might as well just say told you so now to save you the trouble.
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